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Les Bons Plans de Barcelone iOS & Android app

Knowledge areas required for the project:

  • Grafic design
  • Technical direction
  • User interfaces design
  • Native mobile App development

The question

Les Bons Plans de Barcelone is a blog dedicated to French tourists who visit the city, advising them on interesting sites and activities. They wanted to move the blog experience to a native smartphone app. Thus, regular users of the blog could also enjoy the content as they get around Barcelona.

The answer

People who are abroad do not usually have unlimited access to mobile data transmission, if they are not at their hotel. Thus we developed a native application (iOS and Android) that displays the content, maps and geolocations without internet access. In addition, we created a backend that allows to dump the new content of the blog, so that, when the user gets a WiFi connection, the app can be updated.



Chromatic range


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