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El Bulli & Telefónica Contest Backend

Knowledge areas required for the project:

  • Art direction
  • Technical direction
  • Backend development
  • User interfaces design
  • Responsive website design
  • HTML/CSS Web Layout
  • Client side programming

The question

The agency S, C, P, F ... offered us the possibility of developing a website for El Bulli Foundation in collaboration with Telefónica. It was a platform for a competition among five major business schools in the world. These schools had to define what it would be El Bulli Foundation.

The answer

We created an online platform where the students who wanted to participate could create their own team and choose their spokesman. They could also choose their project tutor. Once registered, the platform allowed them to participate in the various stages of the competition to reach the final presentation of the project. The platform took into consideration the time differences, so that all competitors could have the same opportunities in terms of deadlines.



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