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binarq Naming / Branding

Knowledge areas required for the project:

  • Creative direction
  • Art direction
  • Graphic design

The question

TR Arquitectos wanted to take a step forward in its position as a company: they had evolved their work system and the services they offered to their clients. To respond to this innovation process, they raised the need to change the name and image of the company.

The answer

Binarq was our answer to his request. A brand that we can break down into three parts: “B” in relation to the first letter of its founding city, “IN” as part of the word innovation and “ARQ” in reference to its professional field. The sum of the three parts gives us a word with a good sound, evocative and aspirational. For the creation of the branding, we opted for the integration of straight and curved shapes, to convey stability and honesty but at the same time dynamism and innovation.


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